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We also troubleshoot defects in existing biomass briquette plants

The above figure explains how various types of green waste can be used as raw material for manufacturing biomass briquettes and pellets. Agriculture waste can be used for making biomass briquettes and biomass pellets. Biomass fuel is cheaper and helps to keep the earth green and clean. 

We can provide you with complete know how for making biomass briquettes and pellets. If you already have a set up and stuck with wrong machinery, wrong advice, wrong planning and suffering losses, we can offer you consultancy to set things right and bring back production to optimum level.

In the market, there are only few good manufacturers of biomass briquette machinery who would stand by you when service is needed. Hence, it pays in long run to take advice from us and select best combination of machinery to start biomass production unit. Most of the biomass production units fail because of purchasing wrong machinery and trapped with bad supplier. We know the biomass briquette market very well and have experts with 30 years of experience to handle every type of situation. Our consultancy will save you from losses.


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