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Business Opportunities in Biogas


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All About Bio gas, Biogas CNG Manufacturing Process using Double Layered Biogas Balloon

Start your own business of supplying Biogas CNG and Biogas electricity in small colony or village using our biogas plant and machinery. Biogas can be produced from locally available green farm waste, kitchen waste, spent wash, slurry from sugar factories and cow dung? 

In the process of manufacturing bio gas, the residual organic slurry is used as organic manure for your garden and field as supplement to chemical fertilizers. We supply plant that can convert this liquid organic slurry into dry organic fertilizer.

With about 304 million cattle in India, there exists an immense potential of about 18,240 million cubic meter of biogas generation annually in villages. The unemployed youth should exploit this great self employment potential.

India is implementing one of the World’s largest program in renewable energy. The country ranks second in biogas utilization. Biogas can be generated and supplied round the clock in contrast to solar and wind, which are dependent on weather conditions. Biogas plants provide three-in-one solution of gaseous fuel generation, organic manure production and wet biomass waste disposal/management. 

Here is a sketch of a typical biogas plant to generate biogas.

Here is the photo of double layered biogas balloon:

Our double layered biogas balloons are used for biogas storage. The double membrane gives better control and information on the quantity of gas inside the biogas balloon and gives long life to the biogas balloon.



Through natural process with the help of bacteria, cow dung and biological waste is subjected to degradation process to gas. This gas is called biogas.

Biogas is formed when organic biodegradable feedstock such as cow dung, poultry litter, other excreta, organic municipal solid waste (MSW), biomass etc. ferments and is degraded by bacteria under anaerobic conditions. Biogas is a mixture of:

Methane (CH4 - 50% to 70%)

Carbon dioxide (CO2 – 30% to 45%)

Minor impurities/contaminants comprising of gases such as

hydrogen sulfide (H2S – ppm to 3%).

Moisture (H2O)  

 Composition of Biogas



The demand for energy and the fertilizers are never ending in the energy deficient India. India has a huge population of humans and cattle. One fifth of the population of earth as well as millions of cattle reside in India. So biological waste is available in abundance. We have abundant source of raw material and huge demand of finished product. Hence, this business is very lucrative and safe.


Unfortunately no conscientious effort, except the traditional use of animal waste as manure, has been made to some extent in India. No effort has been made to use this waste for the purpose of production of energy to run power plants, water pumps, farm machinery, vehicles etc.

By an approximate formula, 100 cows will give 1000/Kg of cow dung per day, this in a bio digester will yield about 40 cubic meter of Gobar gas per day. After removing impurities such as CO2, Sulphur, Moisture etc will yield about 20 cubic meter or 17Kg of pure methane gas per day, which is also known as CNG.

With modern technology, effective use of dung and bio waste can be used to generate biogas in large quantities. Biogas after filtration from all impurities and moisture gives pure Methane gas. Methane can be compressed and stored in bottles and cylinders. This purified biogas or Methane is capable of running power plants for generating electricity & running vehicles.

During the process of manufacture of biogas, the remaining waste slurry is very rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and organic humus. Therefore this slurry can be used as it is in the form of organic fertilizer, which is very good for the crop and increases yield to 25% to 40%.


Green Earth Consultant help in setting up of bio gas CNG plant using double layered biogas balloon at your premises regardless of your location in India. We provide best Biogas machinery, best design and layout for your biogas setup, efficient running process to yield best biogas CNG output. We provide training to your people to run the biogas plant and maintain it, and suggest you the avenues of earning from your biogas manufacturing products.

There is ready market for:

a)      Raw biogas for using in cooking. But it has smell so not preferred.

b)      Refined biogas for using in cooking in community kitchens and operation of boilers in industry. This is in high demand

c)      Purified and pressurized biogas is used to generate electricity.

d)      Purified and pressurized biogas is used to make CNG and stored in bottles.

e)      Slurry from biogas generation can be sold as organic fertilizer.



Garbage, bio waste and animal dung if left in open will release methane in atmosphere. This is highly poisonous and harmful gas. Hence, biogas manufacturing plants prevent pollution as the methane is put to use as fuel and is burnt away. That is why government is encouraging bio gas plants.



Biogas projects have three stages:

Stage 1: Collection of cow dung, mixing it with water and making slurry. This slurry is fed into digester to produce raw biogas. This raw biogas can be used for cooking, but it will have smell of impure gases. Raw biogas can be stored in special containers or balloons.

Stage 2: Raw biogas is pumped into filtration plant and has to go through many stages for removing the impurities. Filtered or pure biogas or bio-cng is stored in special containers or balloons.

Stage 3: Pure biogas or bio-cng is then pumped into very powerful four stage compressor system to be fed into bottles. A group of bottles is setup as cascade and has to be transported via trolleys to end user.

Pure biogas can be also fed to generators to produce electricity.

Best location of theese plants is near to large cattle breeders, Gaushallas and in viscinity of small houses that have cattle and buffalos who can collectively supply dung to your plant.

Small biogas plants for household use are also available for generating biogas for your daily cooking needs, if you have 2-3 cattle or buffalos.



We are very sound in technical aspects of making biogas, sourcing accessories for biogas plant, and implementing the biogas plants on turn key basis. After visiting the site we use our experience and expertise to set up a biogas plant for you at the most economical way utilizing the government subsidies and economic loan available under various schemes.

If you have a an existing biogas plant and having some difficulty, we can help you solve your problems to make the existing plant up and running. But our work is most effective when we set up new units.



You can take loan and benefits of government subsidy to set up your own biogas bottling plant, electricity generation plant by using the cow dung (gobar) as raw material. In this way you not only generate profits for yourself but also give employment to others in your village.



Cell: +91 8369936626


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