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Smart Self Reliant Village CSR Project to Make Villages Pollution Free with own Bio Gas Plant and Organic Manure through Self Employment

Start your own 


manufacturing plant

With depleting petroleum resources




is a pollution free alternative

Demand is more than supply!   Get free organic fertilizer!

Self employment projects in biogas generation

  Biogas plants for making CNG for vehicles

We are consultant for setting up smart, green, pollution-free villages that would be self reliant, and generate their own income and resources. We manage CSR projects for development of villages. We are looking for CSR funds to make villages self reliant, clean and green, generating their own free fuel through self employment.


Biogas can be made from green waste, which the farmers burn as it is not needed by them. Sugar factories and other manufacturing units have spent wash and slurry coming out in large quantities that harm the environment. We have a process to convert farm waste, kitchen waste, spent wash, slurry and animal dung into biogas. Biogas can then be converted into CNG, electricity and cooking gas.

There is huge demand for biogas all over the world. It makes sense looking at the depleting natural fuel resources.

With about 304 million cattle in India, there exists an immense potential of about 18,240 million cubic meter of biogas generation annually from animal dung. 

The unemployed youth should exploit this great self employment potential. With the help of bank loan, mini biogas CNG plants can be set up to replace LPG for cooking needs. Biogas power plants can be set up to provide electricity to a small colony.

We offer the complete plant and technology for biogas generation. Once raw biogas is captured in large balloons, it is then filtered to remove harmful gases and make it clean and odor free. This clean and rich biogas is then pressurized by specialized technology to operate cng filling plant and fill bio CNG in cylinders of required capacity. These cylinders can be transported to various locations for consumption and then again brought back for refilling.

Before you think of starting the business of manufacturing bio CNG or bio electricity, you should ensure that you have the source of continuous supply of large quantity of farm waste, or minimum 10,000 Kg of animal dung at your premises every day, while 20,000 Kg per day supply of animal dung is ideal for smooth running of the plant. Other requirement is availability of ground water and about 2000 sq mts of open land away from the crowd. 


Biogas generation gives organic manure as a byproduct. 

This manure is very rich and gives high yield to the crops. 

Hence, it has a good demand with local farmers. This is an additional source of income.

The process of manufacturing bio-cng is very simple, using precise methods and complex technology. No prior knowledge about the subject is required. Anyone can start the business of manufacturing bio CNG and the market is huge. With our assistance the installation of the bio-cng plant becomes very easy and smooth. We train the operator so that he can independently work on the machines, operate the software and conduct routine maintenance.

For better understanding, here is the pictorial representation of the stages for manufacturing bio cng:


Digester where the bio waste and 

animal dung is fed to make raw biogas



Two balloons where the raw biogas

and filtered CNG is stored



Filtration plant where the raw gas

is cleaned of harmful gases



Process is controlled by computer to 

get optimum results


Four stage compressor for filling 

the CNG bottles


Empty bottle cascades are filled and

transported using tractor trolleys



For more information on the biogas production plant, manufacturing process, pricing, etc. please contact us by email or telephone.


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